PLANAR 2D is the most compact air heater made by AUTOTERM. The PLANAR 2D air heater is the optimal solution for heating the interior of passenger cars, vans and trailers, small buses and similar vehicles as well as boats and yachts (up to 33 ft/10 m long).
The heat output is adjustable from 0.8 - 1.8 kW and the volume of heated air is up to 75 m3 per hour. The fuel consumption in operation is very economical and consumes between 0,1l and 0,24l diesel per hour.
The PLANAR 2D is offered in two modifications - with an operating voltage of 12V and 24V.
The main advantages of AUTOTERM heaters are stable operation at very low temperatures, inductive (brushless) electric motors designed for continuous operation for 12,000 hours, low fuel consumption and attractive price. Our heaters have proven their excellent quality and operate in aggressive environments, such as in the maritime sector.
Our heaters have a uniform European warranty and civil liability is insured.
The PLANAR 2D heater can be controlled both with the standard control panel (PU-5) and with the standard alarm system (if a free control channel is available) as well as with a modem (sold separately) which allows control via call / SMS and smartphone application. The latter is available both for the Android operating system and for iOS (AutotermControl application).
Like all other Autoterm heaters, the PLANAR 2D heater comes with a complete kit including: air intake hose with integrated 80cm long silencer, exhaust silencer, 1m long exhaust pipe with 30cm long insulation, fuel line 5.5m, tank intake pipe, PU-5 digital control unit, screws, nuts, clamps, etc.